Hey everyone! Happy New Year. Now that our 3 week vacation is over, things are settling down and I am taking time to reflect and set my goals for this year. I love the feeling of starting over new and fresh and the beginning of a new year, it’s much needed for me and I am sure all of you as well.

I thought I would share with you 5 of the things I am focusing on right now as I prepare for the year ahead.

BE YOUR BEST YOU: For me, right now, this is getting back on a workout routine, focusing on a healthier diet and setting physical goals that I neglected last year because I was “too busy.” I am realizing that I am 10 times more productive if I make time to exercise. So to get my started, I got these Nike’s and I am obsessed (it’s crazy how many people have commented on loving them, ha)! I also LOVE these high-waisted workout pants from Cove. I definitely recommend them!

REFRESH YOUR SPACE: I love the feeling of needing to clear out and updating that the new year brings. One way I love to do this is switch out a rug or two and swap out my pillows. You can change the look of your space so easily – right now I have my eye on this gorgeous rug for my entry and this pink and gold pillow for my girls’ room. It’s time to make a change, go for it!

SWITCH THINGS UP: Another things I love to do is think about my daily routine and how I can change it or make it better. This includes my make-up routine, my work productivity, etc. I love to make changes (maybe this includes a new seasonal lipstick – I just got this lipstick in Mocha and really like it) to get out of a rut. I also make the goal to get rid of 5 to 10 things in my closet and get a few new pieces. Maybe this sounds random, but try it! You’ll feel like a whole new person. I have my eye on this ruffle top right now!

GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED: This is a given with the new years resolutions you made, but how are you going to do it? I love this whiteboard I have in our main space to keep my schedule easy to see and everyone can read it to see what’s going on  (I love the gold frame). I also spend time clearing out closets, toys, etc – these baskets are awesome and so pretty for organizing. And of course, everyone needs and fresh new calendar!

SET GOALS + DOCUMENT THEM: This year our family motto is: “Make memories, not excuses” I love the reminder to take the time to do the small things or the things that seem hard with 3 littles in tow to make special memories together! I can’t wait to see what this year brings as we focus on this. I put our motto in our play room displayed on our RIVI letter board. I also want to be better at documenting the day to day (not necessarily focusing on the IG worthy photo) and I love my phone lens to help with that.

I hope your new year is off to a great start! xo





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