We had the pleasure of guest posting for our go-to rug source, Rugs Direct, a bit ago on their TRENDcenter blog sharing some spring color trends! We wanted to highlight that post and share it again, here for those who missed it.

When it comes to sourcing and selecting rugs for a clients room, we focus on choosing the color scheme first. Once this decision is made, we move right to the rug as it sets the tone for the entire room and then we move on from there. It’s a lot harder to decorate a room and then try and find a rug to fit everything else you have going on – it’s better to start with the rug and then let everything fall into place from there.

This spring, according to Pantone, we are looking at bright blues and oranges and pinks with greens and lighter yellows. And then we have pale pink and tan mixed in there as well. We love a pop of color, so we aren’t complaining.

As you get the itch to spring clean and start fresh, keep these colors in mind and switch out your rug for a whole new look. Add a punch of color to brighten and liven up your space, you won’t regret it!

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We are loving all of these selections and hope this helps you with your next design project.

Rug Shopping Guide (left to right):



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