Friends….what in the world did we do before Amazon? I thought it would be fun to share a handful of my recent Amazon favorites under $30 – so you know these are tried and true favorites!

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1)This workout tank is awesome! There are alot of Lulu Lemon dupes flying around the internet (some are terrible) but this one is a WINNER!

2)My favorite sunscreen that I have been using for about 4 years now! I learned about Supergoop at a blogging conference several years ago and tried their products – I was hooked right away!

3) I use this ice face roller every morning (my “face lady” that I see recommends that you ice your face every morning to eliminate puffiness, redness, fine lines, etc.)

4) I can’t remember where I saw this travel bag recommended, but I got it and love it. I took it on our trip to Singapore/Thailand and it was awesome for makeup, brushes, liquids, etc.

5) A really affordable Air-pod case that use on the daily and it comes in an array of colors.

6)This sun hat is everything. YOU NEED IT FOR SUMMER! It rolls up making it easy for travel and to throw in your beach/pool bag and also comes in a TON of color options. I have 2 of these and love them!

7) I starting macro counting last week (eeeeek!) So I wanted a scale – for the first time in my life. This one had great reviews and I’ve loved it so far.

8) I have this broom set and it is cute and functional and my kids actually like sweeping because they don’t have to bend over to collect the dust/crap on the floor. Ha!

9) I snagged this book and have loved flipping through it for organizational ideas I would never think of on my own! It’s a fun coffee table book too!

10) Barrettes and clips are all the rage right now and my girls and I are starting our collection. I snagged these off Amazon and kept the tortoise shell ones for myself.

11)This acrylic turnable organizer is a total game changer in my pantry. I put all my drink pouches, baby food, apple sauce, protein bars, etc. in these babies and I highly recommend them!

12) We got this sand brush (for the beach) and it has saved us 100%. No more sandy feet in my car, thank you very much!

13) You’ve probably heard of the Laneige Lip Balm, but these new tubes for on the go are THE BEST! I need to get all the flavors.

14) My favorite charging cord – they are all over our house and can’t break, snap, etc.

15) Need the best, most amazing carpet cleaner? Here you go, my friends!

16)This swimsuit!!! The best mom, on the move, chasing your kids around the pool/beach suit ever. And the color options are really great! So flattering with the ruffle and ruching.

17) And last BUT NOT LEAST! The dupes of all dupes…the Lulu Lemon Align knock offs that are knocking all our socks off :) You won’t regret these I promise! Soft like butter… I won’t tell you how many pair I have.

AMAZON FAVORITES featured by top US interior designer E.INTERIORS

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