Hey, guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Today I wanted to talk about bathrooms and how to update yours if yours needs a little love.

One of the best ways to update your bathroom and give it a custom look, is to yank out the standard wall to wall cabinetry (or standard pedestal sink in your guest bathroom) and put in a custom vanity. And when I say custom, it doesn’t have to be custom built. You can find pretty and unique vanities at your local home improvement store, or online, which is where we mianlysource them for our clients.

A few tips and things to think about when doing this:

  • FLOORING: If you have cabinets from wall to wall, there is probably not flooring underneath them, so when you pull them up, you have an issue. When remodeling your bathroom, consider replacing the flooring as well as most pre-built vanities rest on top of the flooring.
  • HARDWARE: A lot of the vanities we love, come with run of the mill hardware that we don’t love. DON’T shy away from a vanity you love because the hardware (knobs or pulls) isn’t your taste. That is an easy fix – simply replace it!
  • COLOR: Think outside the box on the color of your new vanity. Right now we are seeing lots of fun grays and blues. The great thing about updating and upgrading bathrooms, is that they are their own room (typically not off the main spaces) so you can have a little fun and not worry about them having to match the rest of the house. We love making each bathroom a little different depending on its user, where it’s located in the home, etc.
  • PLUMBING: Take note of where your plumbing is and how your new vanity works. You don’t want to run into an installation problem.
  • SIZE: Measure carefully and make sure your new vanity will fit nicely in your current space. Are you looking for a single or double sink?

We hope you find this post useful and gives you lots of great bathroom inspiration! Get creative, there are so many beautiful vanity options out there.


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