Today I wanted to share some of my favorite online sources for fabric and a few of my favorite fabric patterns of the moment.  There are so many great options to find awesome fabric online now that it has really opened up the work of home decor fabrics to the general public.  Maybe today I will introduce you to a source or two that you haven’t used before.

My first vendor is actually a brick and mortar retailer based in Atlanta, GA.  Lewis Sheron Textiles has been an institution in the Atlanta decorating community for over 70 years and luckily we have access to their amazing selection through the beauty of the Internet.  They have a huge selection of in-stock fabrics and to all of my designer friends, they have a pretty sweet to the trade program that you might want to check out.

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Michael Levine is located right in the heart of the garment and fabric district in Los Angeles.  They are one of the largest fabric wholesalers and retailers in the world.  They have two brick and mortar locations as well as an enormous warehouse.  Basically if you can’t find it at Mark Levine’s chances are you can’t find it anywhere.

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Mood Fabrics is typically known as a fashion fabrics provider thanks to their relationship with Project Runway.  They have two locations, one in NYC and one in LA and they have an awesome selection online.  While fashion fabrics have been their mainstay, they have branched out into home decor lines and they carry a huge selection of all kinds of beautiful fabrics.

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Calico Corners…guys its not for your mom’s favorite Laura Ashley pattern any more.  They really are one of our number one sources for fabrics and their stuff is just so gorgeous.  They carry all your favorite designer’s fabric lines.  Think Sarah Richardson, Nate Berkus, Vern Yip, Thom Filicia, Charlotte Moss, and a bunch more.  They best part is that while they do have a bunch of brick and mortar locations, their website is pretty rad too!

Calico Corners Fabrics_edited-1

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Serena and Lily is not just a favorite source for home furnishing.  They also sell some of their fabrics by the yard.  I went to their flagship store in San Fransisco and I was in designer fabric heaven.  Their by the yard selection is not as big as if you were getting one of their upholstered pieces but they do still have some really good ones.

Serena and Lily Fabric_edited-1

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My last source is not really a source, but just a designer that we really love.  You can find Nate Berkus fabrics all over the place, but we always have good luck at JoAnne’s.  I am such a huge fan of all of his geometric patterns.  They are so, so good.

Nate Berkus Fabric_edited-1

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