We are always thinking outside the box as to how we can make our renovations or new builds most functional for our clients. Every family is different and has different ways of doing things, but one things is for sure when it comes to everyone… storage is essential and there is that certain spot where everything is dropped when entering the house (we like to call it the drop zone).

This is where the mudroom comes in! You don’t need an extra room or large space to make this work for you. Even if you just have one wall, pull out existing cabinets, build a bench and upper storage and add some hooks and you have a great space for hanging backpacks, storing shoes, etc. Now whether your kids will actually hang their backpacks up is questionable, but at least we’ve provided them the tools, haha! ;)

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In our recent Circle G new build, we made the mudroom exceptionally big because they had the space and with 4 boys playing sports, instruments, etc., this mom wanted enough storage to hide everything and a spot for everyone to sit and put on their shoes in the morning. The locker storage also shares the space with the homework station, so it’s a nice open area!

Mudrooms are a fun space to add a pop of color with your cabinets, wallpaper, or tile.

You don’t have to make it big though! In our Spanish Charm renovation we did, we added on a small laundry room and made one side of it a mudroom area. It has all the functionality with a bench, cubbies and hooks in a small, confined space. We also added a small foot bath for the kiddos feet after a day at the beach. On the other side of the laundry room is that washer and dryer with a tabletop for folding.

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