We have done an innumeral amount of renovations over the years and we always have the same piece of advice which is to keep the big things, the things you will never change after the renovation, neutral and classic. One of those big things is your hard finishes, including tile. Which is why we love neutral tiles!

Neutral Tiles We Love

Don’t get us wrong, we love to add some design flair to our client’s homes, but make sure you are picking something that you will still love in 10 years. If you loved hexagon tile years ago and still love it, chances are, you’ll love it for a long time after.

With that said, we’ve gathered 12 of our current favorite neutral tiles (yes, we consider black and white neutral) to get you started in your home selection choices!

Neutral Tiles by popular US interior design blog, E. Interiors: collage image of neutral tiles.


Which of these neutral tiles you like the most? Let us know in a comment below!

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