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Hello! And welcome to the new website and blog! It has been a long time coming and we are loving the new rebrand. With the onset of a new year, we have a renewed sense of organizing and refreshing and it’s one of my favorite things about January (maybe my only favorite thing about January – haha)!

I thought it would be fun to share some things I love and things I have my eye on right now for the new year!


Shop our Favorite Finds:

TEE – I love Anine Bing and her tees are some of my absolute favorites in my closet! Yes, a splurge, but they hold up well and can be dressed up for down.

PENDANT – I have this in white in my guest bathroom, but I am in love with the newly released black version. 

SNEAKERS – I got these a few months ago right as they were putting them out on the display and they have been sold out since! Just saw that they are restocked. No joke, I wear these almost every other day!

VASE – Looking to refresh your island or open shelving? I love this cute new vase. The shape is too good!

BOOTS – How good are the style and color of these boots? My birthday is coming up and they are on my list.

BLACK JEANS – I got these on Black Friday and I think they rank in my top 5 pairs of denim ever?? Bold statement, but the comfort, style and fit are among the best. You won’t regret these one bit!

EYESHADOW – One of my new years goals is to simplify! One way I’m doing that is being selective about my makeup and really only purchasing things that make sense. I love these monochromes because they just give you the colors you need and you don’t have 5 other colors you never touch on your palette. You know what I’m talking about? 

HAIR OIL – I have been using this for the latter part of 2021 and the night before I know I am going to wash my hair, I douse my whole head. I have seen the biggest difference when using this! Game changer. 

MY FAVORITE DRESS – The new color way in my absolute fave dress is to die for! How many is too many? 

LEATHER TOTE – Can we talk about how amazing this leather tote is? And it comes in an array of amazing color options. Eeeek! I need this in my life. 

LINEN TRAY – This cute new linen tray from Target is so cute. Looking for a new coffee table tray? Here it is! 

WIRE BASKET – I’m loving these wire baskets and if you are looking to organize like the rest of the world, why not make it cute and tidy at the same time

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