We get asked all the time how to know what sized and shaped dining table clients should select when we are designing their spaces.  There are several different factors that should be considered when selecting a table.  Style is an obvious no brainer, but you want to make sure that the style of the table matches the overall esthetic of not just your dining room, but your entire home so the spaces flow together seamlessly.  Beyond style, there are several logistical and technical factors that need to be determined first.

Dining room with glass beaded chandelier and blue velvet dining room chairs


  1. In order to make sure that your guest can comfortably move around the table and get there chairs in and out of the space, you want make sure that you are leaving 42-48 inches in between the chairs and the walls of the room.
  2. If you have furniture in your dining room, such as a buffet, china cabinet, or bar cart, make sure that you are measuring 42-48 inches from the end of the furniture to the chairs because the furniture will impeded chair movement.
  3. Make sure your table is a minimum of 30 inches wide to allow plenty of space for place settings and food when you are serving a dinner.
  4. Know the size and shape of your room.  Round dining tables work great in small spaces or dining nooks.  Rectangular tables work great in long, narrow spaces.  If you have a room that will accommodate a square table then that is a great option for creating a intimate seating arrangement because everyone is equidistant apart.
  5. Use the appropriate number of chairs for your table so you are not crowding your guests.  As a general rule, you should allow 2 feet of space for each guests to give everyone plenty of elbow room.


I found this awesome chart that helps you determine the appropriate sized table and chairs for your space.  Seriously, I am in love with it!  It helps you know how many chairs will fit comfortably around many different sized tables.  I love that it tells you which arrangements will work but will be tight in certain spaces.  Note that this diagram assumes your chairs are 20 inches wide.  If your chairs are wider, you will need to make accommodations for that.

What size dining table to get


I have also rounded up some of my favorite dining room tables and chairs that we use frequently in our design projects.






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