Over the last few months, we’ve been updating our backyard and making it a place where we want to be together as a family! We recently remodeled our pool and landscaping and are slowly adding finishing touches to make it feel like a little escape. Outdoor spaces can be an extension of your home and this is what we’ve been trying really hard to accomplish! Luckily, there are some amazing Summer Essentials from Walmart that helped us accomplish our dream outdoor space.

An easy way to soak up summer in your own backyard is to update your furniture and gathering spaces. What we often don’t think about it taking the time to execute the little details that really make if feel like “you.” You can elevate your summer experiences through the thoughtful touches, like having towels you love and rolling them up in a basket for your guests. Use outdoor cushions or throw blankets to make it feel cozy. Focus on creating moments as opposed to spreading everything out around the yard.

Summer Essentials From Walmart by popular US interior design blog, E. Interiors: image of a grey and white striped Turkish towel on a white lounge chair next to a straw white and white end table with two pink cups and a cream ceramic pitcher.

The first thing I do every summer is throw out our old beach/pool towels and start fresh. Ours get so much use that they typically look hammered by the end of the season. This year I turned to Walmart for my search as I knew they had a great selection! I was pleasantly surprised with all their Turkish style towels which I knew I wanted for my backyard as they are lightweight and dry quickly! They have an amazing selection of summer items to update your space to party this summer!

Not only do they have beach towels galore, Walmart has all your summer needs from outdoor furniture, hosting essentials, pool/beach toys, etc.



Summer Essentials From Walmart by popular US interior design blog, E. Interiors: image of a grey and white stripe Turkish towel.

What are your favorite summer essentials from Walmart? Let me know in a comment below!

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