Our summer is just beginning here in southern California, which means we will have endless pool and beach days. Over the last few years, I feel like I have a system down and really know how to do the beach with 4 kids by myself. The number one most important thing is to have all the summer essentials and be prepared – otherwise, it’s not easy to haul everything and be comfortable for a long day on the sand.

I always have my beach wagon to load everything up and my other favorite thing is a really great, easy to carry cooler for our food (pack endless snacks – I swear kids eat three times as much at the beach or by the pool). Another trick I have is to use really lightweight towels that can dry quickly in the sun – avoid thick heavy towel that your kids can’t carry themselves. Also, bring a trash bag in your car so you can toss all your wet/sandy towels in them as you leave to avoid getting sand all over your truck (then you can just toss them in the washer right when you get home).

Other things I can’t leave home without is a great umbrella, comfy beach chairs, toys for my kids, sunscreen (I love this one for my face) and baby powder. Did you know baby powder is the key for getting sand off your body without it hurting at the end of a beach day? Just rub it on and it gently wipes the sand off! This is a life saving tip with kiddos.

Another mom hack I have for the beach is to have an inexpensive pair of sunglasses that I keep in my car – that way I don’t ruin my nice pair of sunnies with sand. How cute are these ones?

Take a peek at all our summer beach favorites below… HAPPY SUMMER, everyone!


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